PRRT™ Level 1 & 2 Combined Seminar
San Diego, CA, USA | Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2019

2 courses in 1 weekend!
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Why to Attend?


The live PRRT™ Seminar is the best way to advance your skills in this popular field. You’ll also have the chance to practice more than 30 new techniques in a relaxed learning environment. With tons of bonuses offered at each level… the question should not be why but when



All PRRT™ Seminars give you the chance to further develop your hands-on skills, from exam to treatment, in a guided partner system. You’ll return home with a new found ability to address even your most challenging cases.



At the live PRRT™ Seminar you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded health care practitioners. During the upper levels John will also personally treat attendees with ongoing dysfunctions. This is an excellent and rare learning opportunity as you gain a window into how the creator of PRRT™ processes his pain patients on a daily basis.

Process for mastering PRRT™

PRRT™ Home Study Course

PRRT™ Level 1 Seminar

PRRT™ Level 2 Intermediate Seminar

PRRT™ Level 3 Advanced Seminar

PRRT™ Level 4 Beyond Advanced Seminar

PRRT™ Level 5 Way Beyond Seminar


PRRT™ Home Study Course

Primal Reflex Release Technique™ started with the Home Study Course almost 20 years ago. We’ve recently updated everything and added 9 new techniques. To get started today click here!

PRRT™ Level 1 Seminar

The PRRT™ Seminar Bundle was created in response to the global demand for this seminar. You can now complete the entire course via the comfort of your own home. There are 30 techniques covered plus an update to the popular One Minute Exam™. We currently offer 2 versions, the Online and Hard Copy, both include a one-day “Refresher” course. Click here for more info! 

PRRT™ Level 2 Intermediate Seminar

Your 1st chance to spend quality time with me personally mentoring you in how PRRT works. You’ll be able to get immediate results once you return home! 

I’ll be treating everyone attending who has pain… that’s usually most of the attendees. You’ll see how PRRT can be applied quickly and have “life changing” results. There’s virtually nothing as gratifying as seeing the look on someone’s face when they’ve been in pain and felt it was hopeless to ever think they could be pain free.

You’ll be given the 2 Minute Exam which will allow you to rapidly assess which of the techniques you’ll use to perform a virtual “neural reboot.” We’ll cover 30+ new PRRT™ techniques plus some home exercises.
There’s nothing like being present for this live training as many hundreds of practitioners before you can testify.

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PRRT™ Level 3 Advanced Seminar

  • I’m going to teach you 40+ new techniques that go beyond your wildest imagination.
  • I’ve added a 30-Second Exam that will show you why some patients still don’t respond.
  • You’ll learn how to assess and treat both the vagus and trigeminal nerves in ways that will border on magic.
  • You’ll begin to learn why I’m now saying we need to achieve a “quiet cranium”.
  • Would you like to have the 4-dozen reasons condensed into the most common dozen you’ll need to know? You will!

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PRRT™ Level 4 Beyond Advanced Seminar

Many years have passed and so much new information, insights, and research since the Advanced.
The Beyond Advanced Seminar contains 70+ techniques and strategies!
You’ll witness results with these that will keep you wondering why these techniques work so fast on so many people and most importantly how you could have practiced in the future without them.

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PRRT™ Level 5 Way Beyond Seminar

The Master Class!
This level has been years in the making. We cover 2 new exams, the “Global Parasympathetic Reboot,” PRRT™ Master Techniques, 12 in-depth modules on the most common conditions you see each day, plus MUCH MORE!

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