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Carl Christie
BS, NMT, CPT, CES, PRRT Master Instructor

I have been a Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) since 1997 and an instructor since 1998. I have taught Musculoskeletal Anatomy, as well as many technique classes and developed the Seated Massage program used at our school.
I had been getting pretty good results with NMT and technical know how, but after level 1 of PRRT, my practice has been forever changed! I am now getting results like I had never experienced and correcting issues I didn’t even know existed before!

I once thought I wanted to keep all the PRRT secrets to myself, but now I can’t wait to share them with anyone with a willingness to learn the most effective treatment I have ever seen.

The world needs more PRRT!

Favorite Quote:

“More PRRT: Less Hurt” ~Carl Christie

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