PRRT Instructors

Darin Stahl
LMT, PRRT Master Instructor

From an early age, I was introduced to palpation, soft tissue massage, and spinal manipulation, by my father, an Osteopathic physician. By the time I was a teenager, I had already developed an understanding and appreciation for the merits of bodywork. This eventually led me to become a licensed massage therapist, which opened the doors to a lifetime of continuing education in the healing arts, specializing in bodywork, craniosacral, and subtle energy therapies.

I have found PRRT to be essential in the treatment of pain. While PRRT’s principals and applications can be applied to most everyone, in the treatment of a highly reflexive and painful nervous system, PRRT is the first thing to perform. It releases a “reflexive charge” the nervous system sustains, especially after trauma and/or injury. Blending seamlessly with any other technique, PRRT eliminates tissue guarding, and allows all other therapies you perform to hold better.

PRRT eliminates the “reflexive charge” the nervous system creates after a trauma or injury.”

Completing this seminar you will have a new understanding of how and why pain gets trapped in the tissues, and walk away with a set of diagnostic tool and over 40 techniques to quickly find and release reflexive pain pathways throughout the body.

Hope to see you there.
Darin Stahl

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Integrated Fitness Studio
705 Shroyer Rd.
Dayton, OH 45419
United States of America