testimonials for the primal reflex

Testimonials for the Primal Reflex Release Technique™ for Pain Relief

The effectiveness of PRRT methods for relieving pain are ultimately only known by results experienced by patients and professionals who treat them. See for yourself what doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other pain relief professionals have to say about their successes with PRRT.

Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes

“After nearly a decade of NFL experience with numerous surgeries no therapy even came close to PRRT™ in rapid, lasting pain relief.” — read more —

Jay Schroeder,
NFL Superbowl Quarterback
Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists

“His PRRT will forever change your view on patients and revolutionize your practice.” — read more —

Randy Kusonose, P.T.,Director of Jones Institute,
San Diego, CA

Athletic Trainers

“The new techniques have made a remarkable change in many of my most difficult patients.” — read more —

Keith Owen, P.T., Fairfax, VA


“Some of the fastest and most effective results I’ve seen have come from a therapist who has been trained at the PRRT Seminar.” — read more —

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., retired neurosurgeon, developer of TENS, world’s foremost expert on chronic pain
Pain relief Professionals

Pain Relief Specialists

“Our pitchers recover faster when they are in your care.” — read more —

Tom House, Ph.D., former Major League pitcher, President, National Pitching Association, San Diego, CA


“In a few seconds or minutes, muscles and pain patterns often release.” — read more —

Allen Dubner, D.C., Cupertino, CA

Massage Therapists

“This is by far the most efficient, least invasive and most effective method I’ve seen.” — read more —

Ginny Hayataka, C.M.T.P., C.P.T., Grand Rapids, MI


“My practice and reputation increased thanks in part to the information that you shared with me. I think about the many years to come where I will be reaping the benefit of my ‘investment’ and when viewed in the long term the price of admission is quite small indeed.” — read more —

Don Lee, D.O.M., L.Ac., Los Angeles, CA
Nurse testimonials


“I am an R.N. and office manager of an orthopaedic office…I can personally attest to some amazing successes by John’s techniques.” — read more —

Judy Venn-Watson, R.N., R.N.F.A.,
San Diego, CA
Patient Testimonials


“I felt more relief in those few minutes than I had felt after six weeks of regular physical therapy.” — read more —

Gwen Woolstenhulme,
Framingham, MA